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I mean, even though we, as a family, felt that the press had always used some dreadful tactics in order to get a story, it was still -- it was still quite bemusing, and especially that -- when I was younger, I remember having a big group of girlfriends and the more and more that was leaked that I just thought: "I don't understand how this is getting out", the more I kind of cut people out of my life simply as to reduce the amount of people that I spent time with, to hopefully not have quite so many leaks, and so then to find out that, you know, they were hacked and you'd accused these people -- you know, you're left with a feeling of guilt then, which I just -- you know, it wasn't my fault, but for accusing those people who are closest to you. When I first gave birth to my daughter, Ruby, I wanted to keep it secret for about a week just so I could have some time with my newborn baby, and it was in the papers within about two days. You know, her time of birth, her place of birth, her name, and I remember saying to my mum, you know: "It must be you, it must be one of our family", and her being really upset and in turn going to all of our family and having big arguments, et cetera, when in fact that could have entirely been down to hacking as well.

So, yeah, it's been a little bit confusing at that time times.

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