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Well, basically a lot of their telephone numbers were on the Glenn Mulcaire notes, so I should imagine -- it's hard to know the extent of it because you just don't know, looking back. But yeah -- I mean, basically there was always paparazzi around, there was always journalists about in the places that we go, trying to speak to my friends, offer friends -- or if not friends, then at least people on the outer circle of the people that you know -- money in order to talk or give a quote or what not.

And yeah, basically my first boyfriend sold a story on me when I was 17 and that was pretty dreadful, and I just remember thinking: "Why is it okay that an editor or somebody senior in a newspaper could pay an employed boy from Cardiff tens of thousands of pounds to reveal intimate sexual details about another 17-year-old girl?" I just couldn't quite get my head around that.

It happened again when I was 19, a pretty much similar case. Yeah, but to me that again just made me think of my grandmother having to just -- it's just stuff that you shouldn't know about your other family members and you unfortunately are exposed to.

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