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The article, I think, was the one that like literally named every single one of my girlfriends, their occupations, their age, and then, as you said, went on to just give the most ridiculous account of what had apparently happened, which was -- it was nowhere near that interesting or debauched, and we were just a couple of 18-year-old girls on our first girls' holiday. And also actually, at this time we were staying in a private villa at which there were paparazzi photographs taken of all of us and a lot of the girls were not happy about that at all.

And also, one of the worst things about this article was that it said that us as a group had apparently nicknamed one of my friends and it was a pun on a name that crudely made fun of their weight, and I've never spoken about this girl in this way and I've never heard anybody else speak about her in this way, until, it seems, the journalist made up this cruel nickname about a 17-year-old girl and deemed that to be acceptable.

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