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Looking back at my complaints to the PCC, what's actually stood out to me is how kind of sporadic they are, and also about much lesser stories than stories that stick in my mind as being really, really important or really dreadful, and I think that's mainly because throughout the whole time, you just -- you know, whatever the PCC ruling is is kind of inconsequential. The damage is already done, there are no real repercussions and it just doesn't -- it just doesn't help. And so a lot of the time -- well, most of the time, I just didn't bother. It incurs legal costs and I just didn't bother.

There's obviously -- I think just the sporadic nature of them is obviously when I'd just had enough -- it might have been even just a small story or something that was slightly inaccurate and I'd just had enough and so therefore gone to the PCC to make a point, but in general I think that explains why they're quite so sporadic.

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