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Looking back, I was actually 15 when I referenced the article. I'd literally just flown back from New York. The record company had set up an interview for me which was general -- that was quite normal -- and I'd been out in New York for a while and my manager, John Vernile, who is sat here in the courtroom today -- you know, we did a lot of -- he organised for me to go to a lot of the benefits and the commemorations and we went down to Ground Zero and lots of the fire stations and because of my recent experiences then and because it had just happened, then Jasper Gerrard asked me a lot of questions about it.

I felt at the time that the interview was going really well. He was asking me really like intelligent questions and I was used to being asked what my favourite colour was still and how did my teenage friends deal with my fame and things like this, and it just felt totally different and new. And you know, I answered all of his questions and when I eventually saw the piece, I was just totally shell-shocked, and -- because nobody had sat in on the interview with me, which is what generally would have happened, and therefore nobody was taping it from our side, and so I had kind of -- you know, like the Sony people and everybody kind of saying, you know: "Have you said this? What's going on?" And I basically had to defend myself for ages about the fact that I hadn't said these horrific things and never would have said these horrific things.

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