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"One of the most denigrating claims was the comment I supposedly made about the celebrity of some of the 9/11 firefighters. The comment I had actually made was not disparaging of them. It was quite the reverse. I recall referring to their appearance at the British Television Awards and explaining that I thought it was in bad taste for the television producers to demean the firefighters' heroism by making them present the award for best soap. However, this was dressed up as me believing that these men did not deserve their recognition and had only been doing their job."

So it was a lot of things like that. And as I also say here, we asked for the tape of the interview and the Times refused to release it. In any event, I was only 15 years old, sorry, and to be exposed by a newspaper of this type to ridicule and derision upon such a sensitive subject was a terrible experience, and that article then went over to the New York Post, which was also owned by Mr Murdoch's company, and the headline was "Voice of an angel spews venom".

And of course, because of the massively sensitive nature of this subject, there was just a massive backlash against me in America, where the record company deemed it necessary to hire police guards, and I was getting abuse if I was walking around in the streets where people, you know, had truly believed that I had said these kind of things, and it was just not a very nice experience, once again.

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