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Thank you very much. As Lord Justice Leveson has indicated, you provided a very full statement indeed and I'm going to take most of that as read, which simply means that we accept what you say and I won't be asking questions on every aspect of it. I just want to touch on a number of themes which I'll explore with you.

Can we turn, please, first to paragraph 16 of your statement. You were asked a question much earlier about your responsibilities in relation to the police, responsibilities as Home Secretary, I should say, in relation to the policing and you were asked a question just before paragraph 4 in fact about policy and operational responsibilities and areas of influence that you had as a Home Secretary in relation to the police insofar as they may have had a bearing on the relationship between the police and the media, I understand that, and you were asked a number of questions about that.

Then you set out some detail on your responsibilities and at paragraph 16 you say this, and I should say it's 6846 in the bottom right-hand corner, I don't know if you have numbers in the bottom right-hand corner?

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