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You do, that's good. We'll proceed on that basis. You say:

"Throughout my period as Home Secretary I can think of only two specific media-related incidents that gave rise to concern. On both occasions I requested that a leak investigation be established, not least because of the suggestion in some parts of the press that my private office officials or advisers may have been responsible. This was not the case. In fact, in one case the enquiry conclusively established that the informant was a Metropolitan Police official. In the other case the source of the leak was never discovered."

And you say:

"In the light of what has emerged during this present Inquiry, it would perhaps be worth reopening that leak investigation."

Two questions I want to ask you about that paragraph. The first is a question that's been provided by a core participant to this Inquiry, and the question is: when you referred to the Met police official having been the informant in one of the leak inquiries, was that a gentleman known as Thomas Lund-Lack?

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