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That's the gentlemen that I had in mind for that. And I merely mentioned that because there had been some comment in the press that such leaks might come from my office, and as a politician you get used to those forms of accusations without any evidence, but I was specifically concerned because my special adviser, who was being, if you like, fingered for this, I knew he hadn't done it, he knew it, and therefore when the inquiry was concluded and it was discovered that it was actually a leak from the Met, then we felt vindicated on that.

On the other one, as you say, there was an inquiry, I don't think they ever discovered the culprit, but leaks about terrorist and counter-terrorist activity are, in my view, of the highest delicacy and sensitivity, and therefore in view of some of the stuff we've heard at this Inquiry, perhaps we might look at looking where that particular second leak came from.

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