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Um ... I feel -- I feel strangely strong because I have survived it all and I'm not really sure how. I really don't know how because at times had has been -- just really, really messes with your mind, and especially because I was growing and I was only just forming opinions and learning how to live and trying to learn what a normal life was, if there is such a thing. So in a way, I think it's made me stronger, but professionally I definitely think that because I have been made a caricature for so long -- and actually, this person that I'm portrayed as in the tabloid papers really isn't me, really isn't the person that I am, the way I live my life, the things I say, the things that I believe. It's just not the person that I am, and I think that that has had a massive impact on my career. I think I -- as an artist, as a singer, as a musician, I find it really difficult to be taken seriously because my credibility has just been blown to bits with these stories that have just been going on for years and years, and the cumulative effect of that has been that I find it really difficult to be taken seriously.

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