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It's dated 9 August and there's a heading, "Home Secretary", underlined:

"You asked for a note of what we were told of yesterday's arrest by the Metropolitan Police in connection with an investigation into unlawful access to voicemails."

And then there is essentially an update as to what happened, the process, and then under "Points to note":

"We have not received precise details of the investigation but if there is an offence here, it might be under ..."

Whatever act. He then says:

"TPU colleagues are urgently seeking a meeting ..."

There's no indication that there's any terrorism aspect. And then lines to take, over the page, noting this is an ongoing operation:

"This is an operational matter for the Metropolitan Police, potentially a criminal offence. We are urgently seeing to learn whatever lessons are necessary."

Leaving aside for the moment whether you ever saw this note, we'll come back to that in a moment, clearly no mention of other journalists. Was there anything in there, any substantive point in there that was not in the public domain?

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