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Yes, indeed. I was in the habit of, when I read a piece, scribbling my initials on it, so that if there was some dispute later, "Have you read it?", you could go back to it. And I therefore asked the Home Office to show me the note that I had signed. They couldn't do so because I'm afraid like the rest of the world everything has gone electronic, so I was told that, no, the method of doing this was to record a receipt from my office electronically, or a response, or any acknowledgment, and there were none of those things.

So on the one hand the note didn't actually contain anything that wasn't in the public domain, but as a matter of factual reckon there is no indication that although the note was prepared on the 9th, that it was actually acknowledged or received in my office, far less seen by me, and then I go on to explain why that might well be the case, because Operation Overt was launched that day.

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