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Yes. For abbreviation you and Lord Leveson could watch The Liquid Bomb Plot, which is a documentary of an hour and a half which describes exactly what happened around that time, but in as abbreviated form as I can give, I had several meetings on 9 August, including a speech on, as it happened, the nature of modern conflict and terrorism I think at a meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister, because the Prime Minister was out of the country, so I was out of the office for most of that day. In the evening I had a window of what -- a terrible term we nowadays call chillaxing, for some reason, which was a football match that I went to, it was Glasgow Celtic versus Chelsea, and at half-time, having had briefings for days and expecting Operation Overt, the biggest counter terrorist operation the country had ever launched, to take place possibly at the weekend, at around half-time at that game I started to get signals from my protection team that I would have to move.

I was then told I had to leave. I was put in a police car with sirens and various other things and a cavalcade through London. I was taken to the Home Office and told I immediately had to go and chair a Cobra briefing, and the reason was that by one of these chronological coincidences, almost exactly as Mulcaire and Goodman were being charged, the Pakistan authorities had lifted the key person and ringleader in this terrorist plot, which meant that the chances of a leakage from that, so that the terrorist here discovered that he had been arrested or was not communicating and would therefore launch the terrorist plot, became uppermost in everybody's mind. So overnight from then on and for some considerable period afterwards we were almost exclusively directing our attentions towards the arrest of all of the parties that we knew to be involved, and the avoidance of a catastrophe of immense magnitude.

So that's what happened on the evening of the 9th.

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