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Yes, I've checked that. Ministerial briefing would normally consist of two things. One is a paper which would succinctly set out the facts, which would go through what had happened, which would outline the courses of action and proposals and then would raise the questions of challenges, advantages and difficulties in each of those areas. That would be for the minister to read. The minister would then meet with the relevant officials or the police or the agencies, and then would go through that, satisfy himself by questioning and comment that he was happy with what was proposed, or select a proposed form of action.

So there would be a written and a briefing element to what we would conventionally call a ministerial briefing.

I've had the Home Office check and search for any written briefing after this period of 8/9 August. They have informed me that they have been unable to find any written briefing on this subject whatsoever. I have also had my diary checked to see if there was any meeting called on this, and out of some 4,500 diary entries, there is no such meeting.

So to the best of my knowledge and recollection, as I have said, I did not receive any briefings on this matter.

Again, that's not a matter of criticism or complaint, it's for others to judge, but I put it on the record.

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