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That was my understanding, and I think my understanding, because there was no formal briefings, there was no writings or whatever, but I met with the Met Commissioner on a couple of occasions, particularly towards the end of my period when we did a sort of wash-up tour de raison, going right through everything from the Metropolitan Policing to gun crime, knife crime, policing statistics, changes and conditions that were being proposed, pensions and so on, the views of the Police Federation, all of that, and in that one of the aspects that was touched upon, as I recall, quite briefly, was: where are we on this operation regarding phone hacking?

My recollection of that is that I was told that there were masses of evidence to be worked through. I think I was told that much of it was handwritten. And in any case -- I beg your pardon, I've used the wrong phrase. Masses of information to work through, much of it handwritten, and I remember being reminded that information wasn't evidence, and therefore it was a huge amount of work to do on this.

So that was certainly my impression when I left office, that having carried out the convictions on Goodman and Mulcaire, that now what was being done on the generality of it because there were other suspected victims of this --

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