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I want to turn to your contact with the MPS during this period because we need to cross the t's and dot the i's. You explain in paragraph 43 onwards that you did throughout this period regularly meet with representatives of the police in the course of your duty, especially, as has become self-evident I'm sure, in connection with counter terrorism matters.

You explain that you most often met with Andy Hayman and/or Peter Clarke in their counter terrorist role and you say this at paragraph 43:

"It is of course quite possible that the issue was touched upon ..."

And the issue we're talking here about the Caryatid issue.

"It is quite possible that the issue was touched upon informally with either of them around the time of the initial media coverage of 8-9 August but I cannot personally recollect any specific discussion with them on this matter."

Then you say to the best of your recollection you never met with John Yates but you did have meetings with the Met Commissioner and you've already explained that you had a conversation with him on the night of 8 August?

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