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And he says:

"I think it did. I don't remember the exact content of that discussion. I know that a briefing paper went from the Met Police to the Home Office and that Dr Reid was aware of it and it was on the basis of that that he asked me some questions in the margins of another meeting, a meeting actually about the airlines terrorist plot."

And then Lord Justice Leveson says:

"Do we have that document?"

Mr Jay says:

"No, no. We can ask for it."

And Lord Justice Leveson says:

"I'm just keen to cope as comprehensively as I can with the allegations that have been made, which are, of course, extremely damaging to the Metropolitan Police."

I'll pause there. Those are the extracts I'd like you to consider. Now can we agree this. Mr Clarke is saying two things really, one that he had a conversation with you, which is in line with what he said in his written statement?

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