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I can help you, sir, yes. The first piece of paper -- you recall I discovered this through the news on the evening of the 8th. I then phoned my private office. My private office then phoned the office of the Permanent Secretary. The Permanent Secretary's secretary was called Richard Riley. Richard Riley gave my private office the information they had, which they conveyed to me, which was no more than was in the media reports.

The following day as a result of my call, Richard Riley prepared a one-page note, which we've already covered, which went no further than anything that had been in the media.

At the same time, somebody in the Home Office phoned the Metropolitan Police or emailed the Metropolitan Police, we have the emails here, and said, "Can you give us any further information?" and this is the MPS note that was sent to the terrorist protection unit, not to my office, to which Peter Clarke apparently referred, because he assumed that because I asked him a question on the presumably snatched conversation on the margins of another meeting, that I must have read this. In fact, my information had come from the media. And the conversation with the Metropolitan Commissioner.

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