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The TPU is a unit in the Home Office which to the best of my knowledge, it isn't a policy unit that sits with the private office of the Home Secretary, it deals with the protection of VIPs, it would allocate resources, it would take care of the technical side of things and so on, and if you read carefully this note, this note is actually a technical operational type note, it's about two and a half pages, one and a half pages of which tells you how to hack a phone, and it tells them the sort of things that have been done.

It doesn't say anything more on any of the general aspects of journalists or anything else than was in the media. It doesn't mention the DPM. It doesn't mention journalists other than Mulcaire and Goodman. It doesn't mention dozens of MPs, thousands of names or anything. In any case, even if it did, it wasn't sent to me. It was sent to the operational centre for VIP protection, terrorist protection unit, and it was sent by Commander Loughborough over at the Met who deals with presumably similar things among his many responsibilities.

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