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Yes. If you read the emails behind this, I'm not suggesting we should go through them, I'm happy to go through them in detail, but one of the things it says is that note from the Home Office TPU saying, "We told the Home Secretary what we know of this, which is very little."

What I'm saying to you is actually verified in the exchange of emails. So is there anything else we should know about it? This note is then sent and then the ensuing emails go on to discuss, well, should we talk to the telephone companies? What practical measures should we put in place?

So the assumption that Peter understandably made, that the information I had got came from a note from the MPS, was a wrong assumption. The information I had in the first instance came from the television, radio, Internet, and then it came from a brief conversation with the Met Commissioner, and in any case it would be interesting to know when this note was actually sent, because I learned of this on the evening of the 8th and you may wish to explore whether this was sent on the 8th or the 9th. It's dated the 9th but it wasn't sent then.

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