The transcripts of the official inquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of the press. More…

Yes, I assume so. I've only seen these a week ago so I assume that was the draft being prepared and this is now 7 o'clock on 9 August, it's sent for comment to Keith Surtees.

The next one at tab 17 is the draft itself, which as we've already noted says practically nothing that hasn't already been in the 8th and 9th in the press.

Then it is sent for comments to somebody called Caroline Murdoch, interestingly, which I take it was also somebody inside the Met rather than elsewhere, saying is this suitable to send across to the TPU?

But then, presumably because everyone else is working on Operation Overt, on tab 19, which is 10 August, the following day, at 6.30 it still hasn't been sent because he's unable to speak to the senior investigating officer who's been involved all night with the current operation, which is Operation Overt.

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