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Right. Forgive me for being blunt in this, but part of my submission pointed out that newspapers do not just report the facts; they shape the facts, they select particular facts. They're very selective, so that they suit the prejudices.

If I had chosen an illustration to put before you, Lord Leveson, of that type of selection, it would be this very question. I only got notice of it very recently and Googled this morning. Let me tell about the selectivity of this question. I have no idea whether it was placed by representatives of, say, the Guardian or someone, but let me just come back to you on it.

First of all, the selection of this question picks two leaders from the Sun. It does not mention in the Sun that they ran an eight-week campaign to try and destroy me, describing me as the Ali G of the Labour Party, describing me as the man who'd lost his brain. Attacking me for going away for a weekend. So the selectivity of two leaders managed to miss out all of the areas where the Sun was critical against me.

Secondly, it was selective -- and I think I provided you with some of those --

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