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Yes. The first thing, if you permit me to read what I have said in response in writing, is that the account in Chris Mullin's book is based on a much later conversation and written some years after the event itself, and therefore the style, language and inferences drawn are also of course his as the author of the piece and the details of his account are not completely accurate.

However, I then say it is -- the accounts is based on a telephone conversation that did take place in January 2007. As the background to this, my relationship with the Sun had been somewhat fractious. Part of this is because right at the beginning of being Home Secretary I had been asked by the Sun to give them an exclusive interview in a profile and I had said no. I was then asked by the Mirror, and I said no to that as well. But the Mirror were rather cleverer or mischievous enough to say, well, would I have a photograph taken? And of course when the photographer turned up, he was accompanied by a reporter who claimed they were just on their way to another meeting together, and on the basis of a two-minute conversation then ran a two-page profile on, you know, Reid.

As you can imagine, the Sun were not entirely happy with this, so for a period after this I had a few attacks levied against me in the Sun which is part of the non-selection I mentioned earlier on.

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