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That's right. I mean, a lot of the things I'll probably talk about today did happen quite a while ago, but I suddenly found, just in recent months, that maybe my experiences of press intrusion, particularly, and of ethics and practices might be relevant to the very things that you're looking at in this Inquiry because I was approached by a Channel 4 documentary company who were making a documentary about Rupert Murdoch, and during the making of their documentary, they interviewed Rupert Murdoch's former butler, who told them a story that almost shed a new light on some of the experiences that I had been through 15, 20 years ago.

This butler apparently said that I had had an encounter with Rupert Murdoch. He remembered that it was at a party. I seem to remember it being in the TV studio when I had the chance to interview Murdoch, but I had put to Rupert Murdoch -- and I think it was because I was thinking in the time, in the 80s, of the way some of the Murdoch press appeared to be hounding both Princess Diana and Elton John and making their lives a misery, but I did put the point, somewhat precociously perhaps, to Mr Murdoch that his newspapers were intent -- or seemed to be intent -- on ruining some people's lives and how did he feel about that and how could he sleep at night knowing that that was going on?

I seem to remember Mr Murdoch brushing it aside completely, and I remember after that incident being a bit frustrated that I didn't feel that I'd got my point over to him at all, and nothing more was ever said about that at all and I'd completely forgotten the incident until, as I said, just a few weeks ago this butler, Phillip Townsend, apparently said in the Channel 4 documentary that Rupert Murdoch's reaction though had been different at the time, that Murdoch had called together a number of his newspaper editors and said something to them which led them maybe -- and I don't know the right wording and I don't think even Mr Townsend remembered the complete wording, but possibly indicated to his editors that I was a person from that point onwards to be targeted.

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