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Can I thank you for the clear and detailed account of your consideration of events concerning the media while Secretary of State for National Heritage. It will enable me to take that as read and simply to pick up on some particular points of interest. Pursuing that approach, can we start first of all on page 2 of your witness statement. I'm looking now at subparagraphs (iii) and (iv), where you tell us that in July 1992 David Mellor announced the appointment of Sir David Calcutt to assess the performance of self-regulation and then shortly afterwards, in September, David Mellor resigned and you replaced him.

We know that during the intervening period, Mr Mellor was the subject of very considerable press attention, that ultimately the matters raised by the press led to his resignation. Are you able to help us one way or the other as to whether there was any feeling that the press were exacting revenge because Mr Mellor had asked Sir David Calcutt to review self-regulation?

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