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Seven years earlier, yes. This newspaper article, which was the front page lead of the Sun, it took up almost the entire front page. The headline in enormous print -- font, rather, was "Anne Diamond killed my father". That was the headline. And it came out of the blue. I knew nothing of it at all. This actually was talking about an accident that had happened seven years earlier, a very tragic road traffic accident that had happened in Birmingham where I was a young TV reporter, and it was indeed a terribly tragic accident. A man had died in the accident and I was driving the car, but the coroner went to great lengths to point out at the inquest that it was not my fault and nothing to do with me at all from a fault point of view, and it was dreadfully upsetting, obviously, to all concerned but it had happened seven years before and, I mean, it was part of history. But the Sun had chosen to go back to try -- I presume they were just trying to find stories about my past, had unearthed that this incident had happened. They then tracked down the surviving family of the man who had died in the car crash and I think they found his son, and they interviewed his son about how he felt watching me on breakfast television knowing that I had killed his father. And he of course, and quite understandably, did give them a few comments about how he couldn't bear to watch me on television because he could never forget what had happened, and they regurgitated that into a front page story under the headline "Anne Diamond killed my father", and when I saw that front page I was absolutely shocked.

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