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I obviously don't know the background to it because I was not -- I was no longer in the government, but you could certainly defend his wording if you were to put the media responses back in, because, as I say, they were almost all opposed.

My own reading of the documents, of his package, was that at a later date, after I had gone but after Lord Wakeham had become the chairman of the PCC, we achieved something else, which the Lord Chancellor had been equally enthusiastic about, which was to get the tort written into the code of practice of the Press Complaints Commission. I don't think that would -- I have to say, as an individual, I don't think that would have happened unless you'd had a Parliamentarian acting as Chairman of the Press Complaints Commission, who could see what the benefits were going to be if it were done, but the fact that the Press Complaints Commission were prepared to do that and to have the tort incorporated in the code would of course immediately have affected the attitude of the government to the alternative of their own action.

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