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Yes, it is right, and I had a -- there were -- I had assumed that it was simply an amber light that we shouldn't mount up all speed with what we were already doing and that we were going to hear more thereafter.

There is a tinier point which is perhaps worth making here, in relation to the Prime Minister's own witness statement, in which he says that he wrote to me in March of 1994 and asked me a number of questions about the PCC and what was happening. Now, I have not -- in the files that I have been exploring, in both DCMS and the Cabinet Office, I have not seen a copy of that letter, and I can only assume it's actually the letter which I refer to as the March 7 letter, which contained this other question mark as well, otherwise I don't -- I'm not in any way resiling from what is said in the Prime Minister's statement, it's just that it's not in the documents that have been available to me.

If it was so, then it was so, and I'm perfectly happy to stand by the answer I gave to the question which I still have to regard as hypothetical in the correspondence, in his statement.

Then he wrote on the 31st and it was obviously quite different. We in the meantime, as you will know, had asked for permission to publish on March 15.

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