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The only way the hospital advised us we could get out of the hospital without having to go through the paparazzi, who were outside in their hundreds, was to go out -- down through -- we were taken out and we were taken down through the sort of laundry lift and we were put into the back of a laundry van and the hospital laundry van drove out of the underground carpark and drove us away from the press. When we got home, we found that there was an equal amount of paparazzi outside our front door, but we did think of a way out of that, which was by entering an adjacent block of flats through their underground carpark, going up in the lift, crossing the roof -- this is a woman who's given birth just a few hours earlier -- crossing the roof with a newborn baby and then down the lift into our own flat. It was ridiculous the lengths we had to go to to try and get a bit of private time.

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