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No. We were very well aware within a couple of weeks of arriving in Australia that there was a particular newspaper photographer following us everywhere we went. I remember he had a silver helmet and rode a big motorbike and he was following us whatever we went. So we were aware that we were being tailed, but within about a week, I think just a few days before I actually gave birth, they did run -- we were rung up by friends in the UK who said, "Oh, they've just run an enormous picture, which I have to say is very unflattering, of you getting out of your swimming pool, nine months pregnant, under a headline 'Has Anne Diamond lost her sparkle?'" This particular photograph was taken on a long lens from a neighbour's upstairs window, and we learned later that that particular photographer who had been following us around had talked his way or bought his way into a neighbour's upstairs window and had taken a photograph of me getting out of my own swimming pool in my own back garden in Australia.

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