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Well, that is absolutely true. I think within an hour of my finding Sebastian -- I think my husband had very quickly rung the police, as you would, and however it happened, we were besieged with reporters and photographers outside the door. I actually don't know whether they came before the policeman did or whether the policeman came first, but our front door very quickly was surrounded with hundreds of newspapers -- newspaper photographers and reporters, literally just sitting there waiting for something to happen, I suppose, constantly ringing the doorbell, and there was one instance where a female reporter tried to rush the door. She rang the door. I wasn't answering the door, as you can I understand, at the time, but friends of the family were with us by then. She rang the doorbell and she had a big bouquet of flowers to give us and when the door had to be taken off the chain in order to accept the flowers, she rushed in and two grown men had to push her back out of the door. That was the extent to which -- on the day they knew we had just found our child dead, that was the extent to which they were forcing themselves upon us.

My agent at the time came around to help us deal with them, and he found a reporter climbing over the back fence as well to try and get at us through our back garden.

And in fact, I got a -- I rang my local church as well that morning to ask for a priest to come and he never materialised and -- which was terrible for us at the time because we needed him, and I got a letter from him a couple of days later saying that he felt deeply ashamed, but when he'd got our call, he'd come around to our house and was so put off by the army of press photographers and reporters outside that he had decided to go away again. He just couldn't brave them.

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