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We talked about it long and hard and -- I mean, that's the trouble. I am a print journalist by training. I know the power of the press and I know that it can be such a force for good as well as some of the negative bad things we've seen about the press, and I knew that to get -- if we -- I mean, I was -- I'd just lost my child. I was very angry that I'd just lost my child and we didn't seem to know why. I wanted to do something about cot death, and over the ensuing days and weeks, it seemed to me that maybe, with the power of a very high circulation popular newspaper we could, and so in the end, and very reluctantly -- because I would never have chosen that it be in the Sun -- I did agree to join forces with the Sun to mostly do a money-raising campaign to see if we could raise a lot of funds to pour into cot death research, and we did.

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