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Again, the press worry that -- or they always allege there is this symbiotic relationship, that I need them as much as they need me, but they always forget to mention that the only reason they put Charlotte Church's picture on the front page or my picture on the front page is because they want to sell more newspapers. All you are to a newspaper is fodder to sell newspapers. They're in the business to sell newspapers and to make a profit. That's fine, but the argument that you need us, therefore you must be beholden to us and must allow us to intrude upon every part of your life falls down when you point out, for instance, that when I was on breakfast television, we regularly went out to an audience of 14 million.

Now, that was many times more than the circulation of the Sun. So I was a household name, if you like, because of the job I did on television, not because the Sun chose to make me a household name.

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