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I think I'd most like to say that it doesn't have to be like this. It's so sad that a handful of bad journalists have besmirched the profession in this way. We need a free press, and I understand why some proprietors are very worried about any form of regulation, but what I would say is that in the broadcast media we already have regulation. It may not be that it's -- it should be entirely copied and imposed upon the press, but we do have a form of regulation that still allows good journalism, good, investigative journalism, to thrive.

I just wish that we could achieve the same in the press, because I know a lot of very fine journalists who do a good job and we've been hearing so much in the last few weeks of very bad journalists who have done an appalling job, and I would just hope that you can find a way that the -- that doesn't frighten the newspaper proprietors to the extent where they feel that they're going to be completely hamstrung, but that will still allow good journalism to thrive but put an end to this.

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