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No, never. It's always the subject of very heated debate in newsrooms between producers and directors and journalists up and down the land. Heated debate, sometimes a little frustration. I've been party myself to instances where, making a documentary, we felt we wanted to uncover certain things that could only be got by a secret camera, and under broadcast regulations you have to apply to Ofcom. In those days, it was -- I think this was the BBC actually. You have to apply for -- so you have to justify the story and show why you need a secret cameras, and under those circumstances, you will very often be allowed to secretly film something.

And then the use of the footage is subject to debate as well, but at least that is carefully controlled -- no, that is its wrong word. It is carefully considered before it is broadcast, and I've never known it to constrain -- I don't know broadcast journalists who are angry at the constraints put upon them. They get on with it.

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