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Oh, thank you. Does anybody else have anything to say on this topic?

Right. Well, yesterday evening I was minded to take the view that to deprive this particular website of publicity required me to put the accurate statement online immediately. Given the later suggestion that I can make an order under Section 19, which I have now made, so as to have the effect of requiring the witness statement to be removed from the website it is presently on, it seems to me that the better course is not to publish the statement on my website until the usual time, which will be, I anticipate, some time on Wednesday.

I would be grateful if the solicitor to the Inquiry would ascertain whether the notice and the order have been communicated to Mr Staines. He is required to provide information by Wednesday afternoon and is presently summoned to attend on Thursday afternoon. I will, of course, pay the very closest attention to how he responds, both to my notice and to my order.

Anything else?

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