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No, I'm going further that that. I'm going further than that. What I'm asking you about -- and I'm not suggesting it, I'm merely seeking to address the terms of reference that I was given, which require me to make recommendations for how future concerns about, among other things, regulation and cross-media ownership should be dealt with by all the relevant authorities, including parliament, government, the prosecuting authorities and the police. So I'm simply trying to do what I've been asked to do.

What I'm asking you is not that you should merely frame the questions or the rules, but that you should indeed have an ability to make the strongest representations as to the policy considerations that are in your view as a politician important, and then the way in which that fits into the framework of the legal decision is then open and transparent.

So the decision may be made by somebody else, but it's made based upon such relevant policy considerations as the minister has articulated and which everybody can see.

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