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Well, again I await the recommendation, actually, of this Inquiry. I'm deeply suspicious at the idea that the state or the government should as it were be in control of the regulatory system. On the other hand, if you just invite the press to create their own, you do have to ask, well, what happens if it turns out to start failing again?

I think we're all agreed, I don't know, you've had many witnesses now, that whoever the regulator is must be totally independent of both government and press in their activities, that they should have some authority, and the ability to require the relevant media organisations to subject themselves to the authority, and that they should have the power to impose penalties so there is some practical effect. Financial penalties, I imagine, the most part. It's when they break the criminal law, it should go off to other courts and other jurisdictions to deal with that.

If that needs statutory underpinning because you won't get everybody to produce something like that and join something like that, submit to something like that and comply with something like that, then you're going to need statutory underpinning, and --

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