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And one of the concerns that I've been interested to raise with people is to suggest that a system might also have as a third arm, that is the first arm being a mediation arm, the second arm being an adjudicative arm, but the third -- in relation to standards, whether you call it an ombudsman or whatever you call either of those two, but the third, an adjudicative arm in relation to, if you like, small claim privacy libel type actions which could be conducted on an inquisitorial basis without cost, or very limited cost, and therefore be much more available for everybody.

I'm concerned about proliferation of specialist tribunals. I can understand the risk of that. But if you have a view on that sort of idea, I'd be very grateful to receive it.

The idea would be to discourage, except in very large scale cases, this High Court litigation, but to encourage everybody to be able to get a speedier, swifter solution using whether it's libel silks or retired judges who are used to the law in the area, to obtain swift and effective redress at little cost.

Now, the effect of that might be that it would create a cost which might mean there would be somebody knocking at your door --

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