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Yes. They get a small claims procedure. I think the media would rightly complain they'd have to employ quite a few people if there were lots of these coming in all the time, if there was a weekly intake of these which they were being asked to respond to, but in principle I find it attractive.

My one worry is that some people are so sensitive to these things that you would produce, as I said a moment ago, thousands and thousands of people seeking a remedy. Politicians have to get used to all kind of bizarre things being said about them day by day if they're prepared to go to their newspaper cutting service and look for them, and I'm afraid it's necessary in a modern democracy for a politician to acquire a kind of pachyderm skin.

Most of the population who are not used to it are not, so they react with ferocious grief, anger, to things which are just not expressed in a way which they would like. So I think the average local newspaper, let alone the nationals, could find themselves bombarded with complaints if you made the hurdle too low, too easy, and became a kind of routine office for complaints.

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