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I share it to the full. But quite who has the authority to order the newspapers to go back to the objective factual reporting of news reporting and making it distinct from comment I do not know. Again, it's not exaggerated but it is a marked change.

Nowadays, in sections of the press, the popular press, the reporting of events makes no attempt to be an objective account of the facts at any stage of the piece. It is from the word go a campaigning description of an event being used to further a campaign, which is of course exceedingly irritating if you don't have a newspaper which writes things up to suit your view of things and you don't have a newspaper reporter on your side, which my well-known views on Europe, I've always had this problem. There has been no such thing as a Conservative pro-European newspaper in this country for a quarter of a century, which I think slightly explains the present state of opinion on the subject.

There is no newspaper that will report my views on Europe accurately, factually, objectively. The general context, the adjectives, the description of what I'm supposed to have been doing will be entirely coloured by the campaigning position of a newspaper.

I'm sure Tony found that very frequently probably on that subject as well as others, but there are Labour pro-European newspapers, but they only report Michael Heseltine and myself as evidence that the Conservative Party is divided, so you don't get -- Labour pro-European newspapers don't report one's views, what you actually said, but that's just a politician's moan. The answer in my opinion is to go on the radio and the television and to stop reading the newspapers.

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