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It certainly would be, yes. I wouldn't deny that at all in retrospect. It's certainly true. I was much too sensitive from time to time about what the press wrote. God knows, in retrospect, why I was, but I was.

I think you can explain that in human terms. If you pick up the papers each day and read a caricature of what you believe you are doing and what you believe you are, then I suppose it is a basic human emotion to get a bit ratty about it, and from time to time in private I did, and friends who heard that in private were kind enough to carry it out in public so that it became more widely known.

It is an old chestnut, but it is not something I deny in retrospect. I was too sensitive.

If I may put it in context, the press to me at the time was a source of wonder. I woke up each morning and I opened the morning papers and I learned what I thought that I didn't think, what I said that I hadn't said, what I was about to do that I wasn't about to do.

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