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I do hope not. I wish you every success in it not going on for too long. But it is a bit wearying and I freely confess that I probably overreacted to that.

My overreaction was principally a human overreaction, but of course, as Prime Minister, you do need to know what is being written, because people believe it and you need to try and counter it, and most crucially of all, you are likely to be asked about it at Prime Minister's Questions. In those days, we had them twice a week, not once, albeit for a shorter period, and what appears in the media generally, and the written press particularly, is likely to be staple fodder for the questions you will get at Prime Minister's Question Time.

So there was a practical need to know what was going on but did I read them too much? Yes, I did. Was it hurtful sometimes? Yes, it was. Did I think it was malicious? I think that's for others to make a judgment about.

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