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Yes, well, my recollection is quite plain as to what the substance was. It was on the day of Black Wednesday, when things had gone horribly wrong. There are more myths about Black Wednesday than the Greeks ever created, and I was very conscious towards the end of that day that it was going to be so, and I was -- it was suggested to me -- and I can't recall whether it was my press secretary or my principal private secretary -- that I might phone up one or two editors to see how they had viewed it from the outside. And one of the names suggested was that of the editor of the Sun, because plainly they had a mass audience, they were the biggest circulation newspaper. I phoned up Mr McKenzie, first to explain to him what lay behind what had happened and secondly to see what his perspective of it was.

Now, as to the conversation itself, I frankly can't recall it in any detail. I would have recalled the bit that has entered mythology. I'm sure I would not have forgotten that, but I don't actually recall it. I phoned a lot of people, from Her Majesty the Queen onwards, to Parliamentary colleagues, senior Cabinet ministers, and on one and only occasion, Mr McKenzie. So I dare say it wasn't an especially productive call.

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