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If the electorate are fed a particular image day after day, it sticks. I think that is undoubtedly true. But because it sticks does not necessarily mean that that is the public's only perception of you. I was always struck, when I went away from the chattering circle of Whitehall and Westminster, how different was the attitude of people away from that. And so I must confess, I never found anything but a considerable degree of friendliness whenever I went around the country, even in difficult times. Not invariably, but generally.

But I think the caricature did have an effect, as it has done upon other people, but that isn't new. Robert Walpole actually introduced legislation because of the caricature of him by various satirists at the time, so there's nothing particularly new about that. It's been a part of press coverage that politicians have to live with for a very long time.

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