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No. No, I was talking -- I had in my mind when I wrote that the lunches that take place and the meetings that take place. I wasn't thinking of private weekend contacts. It had never occurred to me that they might be -- well, I had assumed people had a private life as well, and it had never occurred to me that they may be used in an unfavourable way, so I didn't have that in mind.

But I do make the point that those changes are palliative only. I think they can make a contribution. I think the return of the Civil Service to run the information service would be a thoroughly good move. Frankly, I think logging and publishing press lunches and private contacts is of some value but I think it is only a limited value. You certainly, for example, couldn't log phone calls, to give one example, so I think that is of limited value, and I say so in my written statement.

I think returning the government information service to the Civil Service has some downsides, and I can see that, but I think overall there is a benefit to good government and an honest perception of what government is doing.

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