The transcripts of the official inquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of the press. More…

It's prepared by Mr O'Donnell and we can see what it says. First paragraph:

"Mr Murdoch will be particularly keen to hear your views on the prospects for the UK economy. Given Murdoch's high level of debt, he is very keen to see interest rates as low as possible."

I'm sure that applied to everybody.

"Overall, Murdoch's views are very much anti-union, pro-free markets and floating exchange rates. I was surprised to learn, given the worldwide scale of his business, that he phones Kelvin McKenzie most days to keep up to date on the British scene. This explains why Murdoch frequently obtains very biased views of what is happening here. It is also clear that Murdoch is aware, in outline terms at least, of the line taken by his papers. However, I very much doubt whether he reads them regularly."

Do you associate yourself with that opinion or do you think it's --

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