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"Back to basics" was launched at a Conservative Party conference in 1993. What I actually said, and I quote -- it's in my evidence:

"We must get back to basics. We want our children to be taught the best; our public service to give the best; our British industry to be the best. And the Conservative Party will lead the country back to these basics right across the board: sound money; free trade; traditional teaching; respect for the family and the law, and above all, lead a new campaign to defeat the cancer that is crime."

That is what back to basics was about. It wasn't a puritanical moral crusade at any time, and for the first two or three months, it was treated exactly as I had put it and had a huge amount of actually support from large parts of the media.

And then it became treated as though it was a moral crusade, with a great degree of hurt to many people, the publicity for whose misdemeanours were accelerated because it was tied to the alleged hypocrisy of a government trying to get back to basics, and it was a totally false position from the start, and anybody who had gone back to the source of what I had said would have known that it was false.

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