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Following the General Election of 1997, I went on a private holiday with my wife to relax, and I was sitting on a rock at the end of the beach, drinking -- I say in my evidence "a bottle". It was actually a can, my wife tells me, so that's another correction to be made. I was drinking a can, and I tossed the can from the rock to my wife, who was sitting on the beach, who put it in a bag to take away the rubbish. A long lens photograph was taken. My wife and the bag were cut out of the photograph. I was left sitting on a rock throwing a can, and it was presented in a large double page spread as the former Prime Minister going back to private life as a litter lout. Irritating, but not the sort of thing that should happen, frankly.

I should add, for the record, that was illustrative, not exhaustive, in terms of the list of things that happened over the years.

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