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I think the principal concern I would have is I do think parts of his press -- and I do not enter this charge against all elements of his press -- I think parts of his media empire have lowered the general quality of the British media. I think that is a loss. I think it is evident which newspaper I'm referring to. I think they have lowered the tone. I think the interaction that there has been with politicians has done no good either to the press or to the politicians.

I think the sheer scale of the influence he is believed to have, whether he exercises it or not, is an unattractive facet in British national life, and it does seem to me an oddity that in a nation which prides itself on one man, one vote, we should have one man who can't vote with a large collection of newspapers and a large share of the electronic media outlet.

I don't think you could or should, in a sort of diverse world in which we live, actually do anything about that, but it does strike me as slightly odd that that actually is the position.

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